Refrigerator Not Cooling

Refrigerator not cooling, this is generally the problem or you can say the symptom that evolves out when the refrigerator fails to function properly. Most workshops or repair personals are used to come across this particular problem nearly every single day of their job. If you think you are in a similar type of situation, this article will really help you a lot in understanding the actual reason behind the malfunctioning of your refrigerator.

Among all the other household appliances, the refrigerator is the most important one. You need to have your refrigerator functioning properly for keeping your food item fresh and retains their nutrient values. When your refrigerator is not cooling, it can have a devastating impact of your daily routine, disrupting it totally. A refrigerator is made of numerous big and small parts and all of them need to work properly for maintaining the total functionality of your fridge.

The compressor is the main and the most important part of the refrigerator. The compressor is responsible for pumping the Freon along the evaporator and the condenser. The evaporator and condensers are also the major parts inside the refrigerator. In some refrigerating system, a fan is installed to accomplish the entire process. TheĀ Refrigerator Not Cooling may be due to not functionality of any of these parts.

Refrigerator Not Cooling

There are no mobile parts present in the evaporator or condenser of a fridge, they have interconnected tubes that allow the movement of the Freon for keeping the entire system cool. The tubes locks the freons in so, if you are defrosting your fridge manually, make sure never to remove the ice with any sharp objects like knife. The sharp edges may puncture the tubes and let the Freon or the cooling agents escape and leading your refrigerator not cooling to its optimum potentiality. If you are defrosting manually, use a heat gun or simply a hair dryer that too on minimum temperature to make sure the surrounding plastic coverings are not harmed.

The working of a refrigerator and an air conditioner is almost same with one difference, if the freon or the cooling agents in an AC is lessened due to any cause it can be refilled through the charging ports present inside the AC. This is a simple maintenance job that can be easily done to get back the optimal cooling. However, the charging ports in the refrigerator are soldered after the freons are filled in it. The cooling agents can only be refilled when a mechanic installs a new charging port. However, though the cooling agents can be refilled inside your refrigerator, but the newly installed charging units most of the times cause some amount of freons to leak out. Thus, you may get back to the point where you started from, you might experience theĀ Refrigerator Not Cooling properly again after some time.

It is not very complicated to make out whether your compressor is working properly or not. Even you may verify it by yourself. But make sure to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands as some parts inside the refrigerating system might be hot enough to burn your hand. There are two copper tubes that join the evaporator and the condenser with the compressor. If the compressor is in good health you will find the tube joining the condenser is hotter than the tube that is coming from the evaporator. But if you find that there is no big difference between the tubes of the condenser or the evaporator then you can be sure that either the Freon are leaking out of the compressor or there are some internal problem with your compressor that is leading to refrigerator not cooling symptom.

In this type situation when your refrigerator is not cooling to maximum, you might be advised for changing the entire compressor if it fails to retain the Freon inside it. Replacing the compressor is a costly movement, it is better to invest upon a new refrigerator rather than buying a new heart for your dead fridge. However, if you find that the compressor is working well but still your refrigerator not cooling problem still persists, there might be some other problem. Call the repair man and see where the actual problem lies.